Earn Your Leisure

Aisha Bowe on Being a NASA Rocket Scientist, Space Travel, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket, & Aliens

*Welcome to a truly inspiring episode of Earn Your Leisure! Today, we dive deep with Aisha Bowe, former NASA rocket scientist and trailblazing entrepreneur. From community college to the cosmos, Aisha shares her incredible journey and the challenges she faced along the way.*

*Key Highlights:*

- *Breaking Barriers:* Aisha discusses her experiences as a Black woman in NASA and how she navigated a predominantly male field.

- *Chasing Dreams:* Learn why Aisha never let naysayers deter her ambitions and how she proved doubters wrong by becoming a rocket scientist.

- *Career Shifts:* Why did Aisha leave a secure job at NASA? Discover the motivations behind her bold move to entrepreneurship.

- *Innovation in Education:* Aisha introduces "Stem Board" and "StemLingo," her ventures aimed at transforming education through technology.

- *Space and Beyond:* Get exclusive insights into Aisha's upcoming journey to space with Blue Origin and her aspirations to make history.

- *Personal Insights:* Aisha shares her views on relationships, earnings, and why having a prenup might just be a practical choice.

*Join us as we explore Aisha Bowe’s remarkable path from STEM student to space traveler, and gather invaluable lessons on perseverance, leadership, and innovation.* *Don't forget to like, subscribe, and ring the bell for more updates on how the movers and shakers of today are crafting the landscape of tomorrow.*