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Alicia Keys On Creating Broadway's Newest Sensation, Her Hit Play "Hell's Kitchen"

Join Alicia Keys on "Earn Your Leisure" as she delves into the heartfelt stories and pivotal moments that have shaped her both personally and professionally. In this enlightening interview, Alicia shares the inspiration behind her Broadway play "Hell's Kitchen" and discusses how her upbringing in affordable housing influenced her life and artistry.

Discover the profound importance of finding meaning in art as Alicia reflects on her 13-year journey to create "Hell's Kitchen," revealing the dedication behind her creative process. She also opens up about Broadway musical etiquette and the influence of Broadway on her illustrious career.

Additionally, Alicia explains the storytelling dynamics unique to Broadway productions and discusses her initiative to foster new talent through a fellowship program designed to give hands-on experience in the Broadway industry. She also sheds light on the business model of Broadway, providing insights into the economic and creative aspects that drive the industry.

This conversation is a must-watch for fans of Alicia Keys and anyone interested in the intersections of music, theater, and personal growth.