Earn Your Leisure

An Inside Look Into Music, Entertainment, & Politics With Icewear Vezzo, HaHa Davis, & Hill Harper

In this enlightening video, we delve into the remarkable journeys and strategic insights of Icewear Vezzo, HaHa Davis, and Hill Harper, uncovering the keys to success in the music industry and beyond. Icewear Vezzo shares his milestone of making his first $1 million by selling his old catalog, emphasizing the power of ownership and independence. Meanwhile, HaHa Davis reveals the paradox of having millions of followers but no money in the bank, highlighting the transformative impact of social media on personal branding and success.

Discover the less trodden path of thriving as an independent artist, where freedom often outweighs the allure of major labels. Learn the secret behind HaHa Davis' success on social media, and gain practical advice on marketing strategies that are essential for artists today.

The discussion also ventures into the complexities of managing a label, the importance of diversifying one's portfolio, and the ambitious steps taken by HaHa Davis to open a comedy club in Detroit.

Hill Harper provides a deep dive into the legal battles with Ripple's SEC lawsuit, the potential of tokenization to restore ownership in the Black community, the necessity for proactive participation in AI development, and unveils untapped opportunities in Detroit.

Concluding with Hill Harper's vision for Michigan's economy, this video is a treasure trove of motivation, strategy, and actionable insights for anyone looking to carve their path in the music industry, entrepreneurship, and beyond.