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Build a Million Dollar Barbershop Business with Wade Menendez

One of the most requested industries that we haven't covered yet is the male haircare business. Barbershops are a staple in every community especially in black communities worldwide. Before we did an episode on barbershops and hair entrepreneurs we wanted to make sure we had the right person to talk to.

Wade Menendez aka Wade the Barber is a world-renown master barber and stylist, he became a rockstar in the male hair care industry by mastering a technic called cranial prosthesis aka ”the man unit” or “the man weave”. The man unit is a hairpiece for balding men that can last for up to several months.

The units have skyrocketed his business, he earned over $500,000 last year and has surpassed that in 2019. He has multiple streams of income from his barber business which include teaching classes to other barbers on how to install the units, he also sells products and has several brand partnerships. He has scaled one of the most common small businesses in any community into a multi-level million dollar operation.

In episode 52 Wade broke down his business model, explained how he created multiple streams of income from his root business and gave insight on how barbers and other small business owners can become profitable by growing laterally.