Earn Your Leisure

Business Blueprint: Mental Health Franchise, Cosmetic Empire & Restaurants ft Chris & Janeen Simone

Dive into our exclusive interview with Chris and Janeen Simon as they share invaluable insights from their journey in the entrepreneurial world. Here's what we discuss:

📌 How exposure leads to opportunities.

📌 The importance of diverse perspectives around you.

📌 Key takeaways from their time at Morgan State University.

📌 Tactics to handle rejection in sales.

📌 Building sustainable business systems to maintain freedom.

📌 The ultimate goal: becoming an investor in your own business.

📌 The smart way to fund your venture: leveraging others' capital.

📌 Recognizing when and how to scale your business.

📌 Keeping 1099 employees satisfied and committed.

📌 Challenges of retention for entrepreneurs.

📌 Harnessing operation systems for growth decisions.

📌 Embracing beneficial partnerships without fear.

📌 Observations on the booming Behavioral Health industry.

📌 Mergers and acquisitions: Why they matter.

📌 Starting a company in the mental health sector.

📌 Janeen's bold move: Investing her 401k into their health care vision.

📌 The art of being prepared for golden opportunities.

📌 The marketing prowess behind the success of BLK Swan's restaurant.

📌 The significance of therapy and self-care.

Join the conversation and get inspired by the Simon's entrepreneurial brilliance!