Earn Your Leisure

Buy and Fix Homes with Little Money Down and Multiple Streams of Income

Anthony and Anton Downing are twin brothers who were born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. They are both firefighters by trade. In addition, they became local celebrities when they struck a deal to have a nationally aired TV show on HGTV which featured them renovating and flipping homes in the area. In addition to being TV stars and firefighters, they're well known local real estate investors with a focus on South Side real estate.

In episode 46 they educated us on how being a firefighter is the perfect profession to have multiple side businesses since they only work 2 days a week, they explained the process of how real estate show TV deals work and they explained the dynamics of what’s going on in the South Side and how contrary to what is shown in the media there is actually a lot to be encouraged about. We talked about how you can have a career and be an entrepreneur at the same time, real estate opportunities, and they gave real-world examples of how anyone can buy a home and renovate it with extremely low down payments.