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College Hacking, Pay for College Without Going into Debt

Lenny Williams and Jeff Dess, aren’t your typical college professors and administrators. Jeff is an author of five books with a Masters Degree in English Literature and Lenny is a professor within the business departments at 4 different institutions, with an MBA.

They joined forces to create an educational platform called “Trill or Not Trill”, which bridges the gap between pop culture and student development.

They have worked with the NFL and have been featured on CBS, The Boston Globe, Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise, and Fox. They also are big names on the college speaking circuit, they have visited over 40 colleges and universities to give lectures and panel discussions.

In episode 31 we sat down with the dynamic duo to discuss higher education, college hacking tips, ways to fund education without going into debt and the importance of culturally responsive teaching. They also gave valuable information on the public speaking industry; which includes tips on how to get started, how to know how much to charge and who to market to.