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Diddy On Diageo Lawsuit, Ciroc, Economic Unity, Challenges Being A Black Billionaire, & Media Power

In this exclusive live interview at Invest Fest, Diddy delves into the key moments and decisions that shaped his iconic career:

- Unearthing the inspiration behind the creation of Bad Boy Records.

- A candid reflection on the continued oppression, even at the pinnacle of success.

- How Bad Boy's primary objective was to disrupt and redefine the music industry.

- Diddy's powerful assertion: "Nobody is coming to save us."

- Insights into business: The importance of not being too attached and knowing when to sell.

- Diddy's underlying mission: Bettering the lives of Black people.

- Navigating the nuances of fame: Handling jealousy as a Black billionaire and dealing with haters.

- A deep dive into his dispute with Diageo over Ciroc and why he's pursuing them for racial discrimination.

- Diddy's perspective on media, terming it as the most influential industry globally.

- Personal growth: The invaluable business lessons he garnered from running a marathon.

- The vision for his new R&B album and his efforts to revive the true essence of R&B.

- His thoughts on financial ownership and the alarming racial wealth gap.

- Diddy's commitment to fighting for racial equality, underscored by his lawsuit against Diageo.

- And so much more, including a peek into his forthcoming projects and his strategies for success.

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