Earn Your Leisure

Dubai Real Estate Investing: A Black Woman's Triumph in The Middle East

In this exclusive Earn Your Leisure interview, we're joined by Denise The Broker, a trailblazing entrepreneur and the first Black woman to establish a real estate brokerage in Dubai. From leaving the Atlanta market to conquering Dubai's dynamic real estate landscape, Denise shares invaluable insights and experiences.

Key Highlights:

- **Breaking Barriers**: Discover how Denise The Broker became a pioneering figure in Dubai's real estate sector.

- **Businesswoman in Dubai**: Insights into the unique challenges and experiences of operating a business as a woman in Dubai.

- **Investing in Dubai Real Estate**: Essential tips and requirements for becoming a real estate investor in Dubai.

- **Government Relations**: The importance of building relationships with government officials for business success in Dubai.

- **Residency and Investment**: Understanding the process of purchasing residency and the minimum investment requirements for foreign investors in Dubai.

- **Cultural Insights and Business Etiquette**: Respecting rules and cultures in Dubai – crucial for entrepreneurs and investors.

- **Real Estate Strategies**: Innovative ways to make money in Dubai's real estate market, including selling floor plans.

- **Life in Dubai**: Discussing the safety, acceptance, and cultural aspects of living and raising children in Dubai.

- **International Comparison**: The differences between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the rising competition from Saudi Arabia as a travel destination.

- **Future of Real Estate**: Examining the absence of corporate tax in Dubai and the long-term prospects of property ownership in the U.S. versus Dubai.

Join us as Denise offers a wealth of knowledge for those looking to expand their horizons in international real estate and business.