Earn Your Leisure

Everything You Need to Know About Credit: Build Credit, Credit Cards, Child Credit & Business Credit

In this eye-opening episode of Earn Your Leisure, we had the pleasure of interviewing Shonda Martin, an expert in personal and business credit. Shonda delves into the intricacies of building a robust credit profile, sharing invaluable advice and strategies that go beyond just the numbers. Tune in as we cover essential topics including:

- The significant role of personal credit in business credit development.

- Effective ways to handle late payments on your credit report. - Why a healthy credit profile matters more than your credit score.

- Achieving financial flexibility with a 680 credit score.

- The risks of co-signing and how it affects your credit.

- Regularly boosting your credit limit for financial health.

- The impact of student loans on your credit score.

- Understanding the true nature of credit card usage.

- Strategic payments to enhance your credit score.

- How high credit card balances can lower your score.

- The right time to start building your child's credit.

- Common parental mistakes in managing their child's credit.

- Knowing when and why to close a credit card.

- The optimal age for adding your child to your credit card.

- Steps to building a strong credit profile. - Key FICO scores to be aware of.

- Solutions for managing credit card debt.

Don't miss out on these crucial insights that could transform your financial journey. Whether you're repairing, building, or maintaining your credit, Shonda's advice is a game-changer.