Earn Your Leisure

Everything you Need to Know About the Music Business

A few months ago Mickey Factz’s freestyle breaking down credit with Funk Flex went viral in the financial literacy world. It was the talk of Instagram and everyone requested that we have him on EYL. The verse was incredible but his career is way more extensive than just a freestyle.

He’s a veteran in the music game with over a decade of experience. He was on the 2009 XXL freshman of the year cover, he has been signed to major labels, he's worked with the biggest names in the industry including Drake and Kendrick Lamar, he had a commercial deal a Honda, an endorsement deal with Puma, and his music has been featured on EA Sports video games. He made the switch from being on a major label to being an independent artist years ago and has been navigating the world of independence ever since.

In episode 49 he blessed us with 100 bars of fire for our first ever EYL freestyle. The freestyle is centered around being a business owner, it’s a lyrical lesson on entrepreneurship. In addition to the freestyle, he gave us free game in our interview. He broke down the ins and outs of the music business from an artist perspective, he explained how record deals are structured, he detailed the path for an independent artist to take to have a viable career and explained business pitfalls that many artists fall victim to.