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EYL #23 Become a Millionaire Twice and Defeat the Federal Government with Chris Gotti

In episode 23 we spoke with the legendary Chris Gotti. Chris owned one of the largest black owned construction companies in New York City at the age of 30. After construction he joined his brother Irv and became the underboss of one of the most successful record labels in history (Murder Inc). At the peak of Murder INC’s dominance, Chris and Irv got indicted by the federal government on a long list of charges.

Facing 20 years in jail, he did the impossible and beat the US federal government in court. During his trail he built a sports management company.

After starting the sports firm he worked with a hedge fund, and became a licensed financial services professional. Now he has a distribution outlet called Add Ventures Music for independent artists to get their music on all platforms.

He sat down with us and told us details on all of the above and more.