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How $600 & an EBT Card Turned Into a Million Dollar Business: The Pink Nookie Story

Pink Nookie is a natural product that helps women with their feminine hygiene. Learn how Invest Fest's Vendor Market helped Pink Nookie reach their first million-dollar year. Brenna Murphy started Pink Nookie with $600 and her EBT card, turning it into a million-dollar brand. Discover the value of getting a good booth at Invest Fest, the pros and cons of being a forward-facing CEO, and the dark side of entrepreneurship.

Join us as Pink Nookie's CEO shares her experience securing a last-minute booth at Invest Fest and selling out. An entrepreneur's job is to hustle, and Invest Fest's marketplace is set up for vendors to win. You never know who you'll meet at Invest Fest, and giving away free products is a great strategy to influence people to buy.

Explore Invest Fest's checklist for hustlers, the importance of arriving early, and why Atlanta is the place where Black entrepreneurs thrive. Learn how Pink Nookie prepared for Invest Fest's vendor market and met billionaire Dan Cathy by arriving early. Get tips on running a profitable vendor table and being a successful vendor at Invest Fest. Finally, hear the truth behind being in business with your partner.