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How to Build a Million Dollar Trucking Empire with Alix Burton

Alix Burton aka Alix Goodenergy is the epitome of resilience. He started in the trucking industry in 2012 with no experience or mentor. He purchased a box truck and hit the ground running. After a year he shut his business down because his expenses became too much for him to keep up with.

In 2015 he relaunched his business, this time he focused on 18 wheelers instead of box trucks. His past failure helped propel him to massive success. He now has a booming operation with 11 trucks on the road and monthly revenue totaling over $100,000.

Along with running the trucking business Alix now teaches others how to become successful in the industry. He has partnered with Eric Thomas (The Hip Hop Preacher) to provide an educational platform for people interested in the business.