Earn Your Leisure

How to for Black Fashion Designers: Scaling, Funding, Placement, & Partnerships with Brandice Daniel

Today's episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone passionate about the fashion industry, especially those embarking on the journey of starting their own clothing business. Join us as we explore a range of thought-provoking topics:

1. **Starting a Clothing Business**: Practical advice for newcomers to the fashion world.

2. **Representation Matters**: A look at the less than 1% representation of Black designers in department stores.

3. **Scaling Up**: The importance of equity in growing your business.

4. **Harlem Fashion Row's Mission**: Bridging the gap between Black designers and major corporations.

5. **The Story of Harlem Fashion Row**: Understanding its origins and impact.

6. **Brandice Daniel & LeBron James**: Insights into their collaboration.

7. **LeBron's Vision with Harlem Fashion Row**: The narrative behind their joint effort.

8. **Securing Long-Term Brand Partnerships**: Strategies for lasting collaborations.

9. **The Black Dollar in Fashion**: Projected spending by 2030 and its implications.

10. **Community Building for Designers**: Tips on creating a supportive network.

11. **Nicole Benefield and Abercrombie & Fitch**: Exploring the benefits of their partnership.

12. **Scouting Talent at Designer's Row**: The process and criteria.

13. **Anna Wintour's Generous Donation**: A significant contribution to Brandice Daniel's nonprofits.

14. **The Potential of Black Businesses**: Discussing growth and impact.

15. **Choosing the Right Brand Partnerships**: Factors to consider.

16. **Harlem Fashion Row & Nike**: The story behind the Nike-LeBron collaboration.

17. **Valuing Black Brands**: Do we underestimate our own brands?

18. **Christian Louboutin's Surprising Ownership**: A revelation about the luxury brand.

19. **Crafting Your Sponsorship Deck**: Effective strategies for presentation.

20. **Negotiating Sponsorships**: Why to avoid quoting prices initially.

21. **Brandice Daniel's Nike Meeting**: Behind-the-scenes details.

22. **Harlem Fashion Row's Impressive Partnerships**: Collaborating with giants like LVMH, Nike, Tiffany & Co., and more. 23. **LVMH's Brand Enhancement Approach**: Their strategy in uplifting brands.

24. **The Lifestyle of a Black Brand**: What it entails and represents.