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How To Raise $1 Billion: The Hidden Secrets to Building a Billion-Dollar Company ft. Ryan Breslow

In this insightful video, Bolt founder Ryan Breslow shares his journey from dropping out of Stanford to launching a successful crypto startup in 2013. Learn how to attract investors and create crowd momentum during fundraising, as Ryan reveals his secrets to success and strategies for raising capital quickly.

Discover the story behind purchasing the domain "Love.com" from Yahoo and Ryan's vision of creating an ethical version of Amazon. Understand why Ryan believes having a co-founder is more important than marriage and how he decides which employees receive equity.

Key topics include:

- How to get investors interested in your business

- The goal of fundraising and creating crowd momentum

- Competition with Stripe and early party rounds - The importance of having the right person on your board

- Avoiding dead equity and its impact on your business

- The unique aspects of Bolt compared to other payment companies

- The cost of scaling a startup company Don’t miss out on these valuable insights from one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the tech industry!