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How to Receive Student Loan Forgiveness; Secrets, Myths, Dos & Don'ts with Sonia Lewis

📚 In this enlightening interview, Sonia Lewis, known as the "Student Loan Doctor," delves into the complex world of student loans and forgiveness programs. With her expertise, we explore a range of crucial topics that are vital for borrowers, parents, and students alike. Here's what you'll discover in this must-watch episode:

1. **Complete Discharges for 560,000 Borrowers**: Understanding the Borrower Defense Discharge and how it impacts borrowers.

2. **Deadline Alert**: The critical date of October 1st, 2024 for student loan payments resumption and the penalties for missing it.

3. **Election Year Promises**: Anticipating increased student loan forgiveness during this election cycle.

4. **Missed Opportunities**: A look at why 9 million people missed out on student loan forgiveness.

5. **Debt and Relationships**: Does student loan debt transfer to your partner?

6. **Broad Forgiveness Programs**: How the government's wide-reaching student loan forgiveness criteria can benefit nearly everyone.

7. **Consequences of Non-Payment**: What happens if you default on your student loans.

8. **Loan Types Compared**: The differences between Federal and Private student loans.

9. **College Costs Insights**: Estimating the funds required to send your child to college.

10. **Bankruptcy and Student Loans**: New possibilities for including student loans in bankruptcy filings.

11. **Credit Score Impact**: How student loans can affect your credit score.

12. **Biden's Forgiveness Groups**: Exploring the five groups eligible for Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness program.

13. **Family Financial Planning**: The importance of parents discussing scholarships with their children.

14. **Government Limitations**: Why complete student loan forgiveness may not happen.

15. **Community Strategies**: The need for better student loan strategies in the Black community.

16. **The SAVE Plan**: How this plan is set to assist many with student loans.

17. **Scholarship Applications**: The importance of applying to all available scholarships.

18. **Caution with Parent Plus Loans**: Understanding why these loans may not be the best option.

🔍 Dive into this comprehensive guide with Sonia Lewis to navigate the complexities of student loans and discover effective strategies for managing and forgiving your debt. Whether you're a student, a parent, or a borrower, this interview is packed with essential information and tips to help you make informed decisions.