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Ingrid Best on Building a South African Wine Empire, Art Investing, & Unveiling Africa's Truth

Join us on an enlightening journey with Ingrid Best, a visionary in the wine and spirits industry, art collector, and cultural advocate. With over 20 years of experience, Ingrid has left an indelible mark on the world's largest spirits suppliers, revitalized iconic brands like Hennessy, and fostered groundbreaking partnerships, such as the D'usse relationship with Bacardi through Roc Nation.

Dive deep into Ingrid's adventures as she explores South Africa's exquisite vineyards, uncovers the secrets to launching a successful wine business with "IBest Wines", and delves into the nuanced world of wine blending. Beyond the bottle, Ingrid shares her inspiration from Jay Z to invest in art, discusses the ethics of art collection, and highlights the significance of donating culturally important pieces to institutions like the Smithsonian Museum.

This video also tackles pressing issues such as colorism in South Africa, the importance of dispelling myths about Africa, and the impact of apartheid that lingers today. Discover why Ingrid was hesitant to accept investors' money, how she stepped down from Bad Boy to create her own wine company, and the strategies she employed to ensure her wine's success without compromising quality.

Experience the journey of IBest Wine's first launch, which sold out in just 6 hours, and learn why these companies need our culture more than ever. Ingrid Best's story is not just about wine or art; it's a testament to the power of authenticity, cultural integrity, and visionary leadership.