Earn Your Leisure

Inside the $300 Billion Wine Industry: How Donae Burston Launched a Black-Owned Wine Company

In this episode of Earn Your Leisure, we delve into the world of wine and entrepreneurship with Donae Burston, the visionary behind La Fête Wine Co. We explore how 98% of Moët Rosé drinkers are Black and how Donae launched the first and only champagne bar at the Miami Heat's American Airlines Arena.

Discover the secrets behind La Fête Wine Co.'s rapid growth to 1,000 stores and why starting a wine business costs around $1.5 to $2 million. Donae shares his journey as the founder of the fastest-growing imported Rosé in the country and discusses the challenges of being a luxury Black-owned brand.

We uncover La Fête Wine Co.'s winemaking process, the hidden costs of the wine industry, and how Donae helped put Ace of Spades on the map. Learn about the first steps to starting a successful wine company, the power of influencer marketing, and why the U.S. wine industry still has a long way to go. Donae offers advice for aspiring wine entrepreneurs and reveals the biggest mistake business owners make—holding onto their businesses too long.

We also touch on the broken three-tier system for alcohol distribution, the qualities that define high-class wine, and the financial struggles Donae faced to bring La Fête Wine Co. to life.