Earn Your Leisure

J. Stone on Nipsey Hussle’s Influence, Mental Health, West Coast Culture, All Money In, & New Album

Welcome to another compelling episode of "Earn Your Leisure," where today's spotlight shines on the influential J. Stone. With the special guest host Stix Watts, this episode delves deep into the heart of West Coast culture, music, and life lessons.

🌟 *Highlights of the Episode:*

- **The West Coast Influence**: Discover the impact and legacy of the West Coast on the music industry and beyond.

- **Mental Health Matters**: J. Stone opens up about the importance of mental health, especially in the challenging world of music.

- **Creating in the Face of Tragedy**: The story behind J. Stone’s album ‘The Definition of Pain’ after Nipsey Hussle’s passing is both moving and inspiring.

- **J. Stone & Nipsey Hussle**: A touching reflection on J. Stone's relationship with Nipsey Hussle, drawing parallels with iconic rap legends.

- **Breaking the Stigma**: Addressing why it's hard for men to openly discuss their problems and the importance of doing so.

- **The Marathon Continues**: The legacy of Nipsey Hussle lives on through his music and his message.

- **J. Stone's New Ventures**: From music to movies, J. Stone talks about his journey into the film industry.

- **Fatherhood Without a Blueprint**: How J. Stone's own experiences shaped his approach to being a father.

- **The Evolution of the Streets**: A look at how street culture is evolving and impacting music.

- **J. Stone’s Top 5 LA Rappers**: Who makes the list in J. Stone's view of the LA rap scene?

- **All Money In Independence**: The strategy and ethos behind the All Money In team’s independent approach.

- **Street Culture & Corporate Profit**: A discussion on how corporations interact with and often exploit street culture.

- **Behind the Album Series**: Insights into the concept and creation of J. Stone’s album series.

- **Music Promotion Strategies**: How All Money In made waves in rival neighborhoods through their unique promotional tactics.

- **The Essence of All Money In**: Understanding the deeper meaning behind the label’s name and ethos.

- **Nipsey’s Creative Influence**: How Nipsey Hussle contributed to the naming of J. Stone’s album series.

Join us for this unmissable episode as J. Stone shares his journey, thoughts, and experiences in an intimate and revealing conversation. It's more than music; it's a testament to resilience, creativity, and the unyielding spirit of the West Coast.