Earn Your Leisure

Keys to Marketing, Branding, & Successful Black Women's Views on Relationships with Ericka Pittman

In this insightful video, we sit down with Ericka Pittman to explore the dynamics of contemporary marketing, the evolving landscape of influencer marketing, and the unique challenges faced by high-earning Black women in finding marriage partners. Ericka offers her expertise on the effectiveness of organic vs. paid marketing, the timeless rules of marketing, and the distinction between awareness and affinity marketing.

Ericka helps us uncover the differences between influencers and celebrities, highlights the significance of tracking ad effectiveness, and discusses the changing influencer marketing scene and the difficulties corporations face in targeting Black Americans. She shares her thoughts on why earned media is paramount, the pivotal moments in life, and the disparity in marriage opportunities for successful Black women.

Furthermore, Ericka tackles the journey of building legacy brands, the marriage market for Black corporate women, navigating corporate America, and the common overspending mistakes by companies. She provides insights into the perspectives of marketing executives, the importance of approaching marriage with strategy, the cultural conditioning for marriage, the role of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and why vertical strategy outperforms horizontal in marketing.

Learn from Ericka about the impact of impressions, Diddy's choice for Ciroc flavors, the buzz around Deion Sanders, the legacy of Bad Boy's street teams, the importance of mission awareness among employees, and Deion Sanders' mastery of earned impressions.