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Kyrie Irving's Agent Shetellia Irving on Him Leaving Nike, Taking Social Stances, & Media Sabotage

πŸ€ Welcome to an exclusive episode of Earn Your Leisure, where we delve deep into the fascinating world of NBA contracts and the art of negotiation with none other than Shetellia Riley Irving, the trailblazing agent of Kyrie Irving.

🌟 In this episode, Shetellia shares her insights on various aspects of sports management, including:

- The unique additions that can be made to an NBA contract.

- How missing out on the All-NBA Team cost Ja Morant $42 million, and Lou Williams’ $100 million loss for not making the All-Star team.

- The importance of standing up for your beliefs, as exemplified by Kyrie Irving during times of adversity.

- The strategic reasons behind Kyrie Irving's decisions regarding his shoe brand post-Nike and his partnership with ANTA.

- The significant role of media in shaping society's mindset, and its impact on athletes like Kyrie Irving.

- The challenges athletes face when taking a stand on societal issues.

- Shetellia's experience in advertising sales for BET and her expert approach to negotiating with large corporations.

- The journey and challenges she faced as the first black woman to negotiate an NBA contract.

- The dynamics of doing business in the NBA as a black woman.

- Exploring opportunities in China and breaking down stereotypes.

- The stress and art involved in negotiating her first NBA contract, balancing team success and player benefits.

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