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Lethal Shooter on Being a Celebrity Trainer, The NBA, Training Business, AAU Basketball, & Haters

Join us in this exclusive interview with the renowned Lethal Shooter, a name synonymous with elite basketball training and sharpshooting. Dive into his compelling journey growing up in DC, his experiences in AAU basketball, and his dreams that were unfulfilled in the NBA. Discover how he skyrocketed to fame on social media and leveraged his unique mindset to become a celebrity trainer, working closely with NBA stars and even venturing into training rappers.

Lethal Shooter opens up about his endorsement deals, partnering with iconic brands like Jordan and PlayStation, and how he crafted a lucrative business out of basketball training. He also reveals his top 5 shooters of all time, shares his secret workout tips, and talks candidly about dealing with negativity online. Plus, don't miss the exciting details of how he broke a shooting record!

This insightful conversation is packed with inspiration and wisdom for aspiring athletes, coaches, and anyone with a passion for the game. Tune in to learn from one of the best in the business and subscribe for more exclusive content!