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Mary J. Blige on Tax Issues, Strength of a Woman, Divorce, Paying Alimony, Acting, Music & Business

Join us as Mary J. Blige delves deep into her remarkable journey! She candidly discusses her past struggle with a staggering $100 million IRS debt and the invaluable lessons it taught her. She sheds light on the exhilarating, yet challenging world of her acting and music careers, while explaining why a Verzuz isn't on her agenda.

Listen to her unique perspective on paying a hefty $30,000 a month in alimony to her ex-husband. Mary also introduces us to her empowering project – a music festival titled 'Strength of a Woman'. She gives us a peek into her relationship with music mogul Diddy, her stance on prenuptial agreements, and the critical business acumen she's acquired over the years.

Dive into the exciting behind-the-scenes stories of her record label, her venture into the spirits industry, and her strides as a TV show producer. Lastly, she talks about navigating the daunting landscape of Hollywood while maintaining her independence as an artist. Don't miss this incredible conversation.