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Music Industry Secrets: Bryan-Michael Cox on Royalties, Songwriting, AI, Club Culture, & R&B

In this video, we explore a wide range of topics in the music industry with insights from Bryan-Michael Cox.

We discuss the nuances of royalty splits in country vs. hip hop music, whether artists who don't produce or write their songs should receive residuals, and why record deals are designed to keep artists in debt. We also delve into the importance of focusing on future competition and the impact of AI on the music industry.

Additionally, we examine how clubs use music to control their crowds, the influence of bottle service culture, and the timelessness of today's music. Bryan-Michael Cox shares his thoughts on the lack of a music industry union, his initiative 'Illustrate New Ideas,' and BMF's club strategies.

We also discuss the club economy, the success of "Lady's Love R&B" in Atlanta, and the different criticisms faced by Kanye West and Drake. Finally, we break down the role of a producer and the potential earnings of hit songwriters.