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Nigel Sylvester on Being a BMX Legend, Sneaker Deal with Jordan, His "Go" YouTube Series, & Content

Join us as we delve deep into the world of BMX with the iconic Nigel Sylvester. This exclusive interview unfolds:

-**His Brand Jordan Deal and how it was to work with Nike.

- **Content Craftsmanship**: The dedication and effort behind creating impactful BMX content.

- **From Humble Beginnings**: Nigel's first BMX deal might surprise you with its modesty.

- **The Power of Relationships**: In the world of BMX, connections and camaraderie are paramount.

- **Non-traditional Routes to Success**: Discover how Nigel proved that competing isn't the only way to become a BMX pro.

- **Banking on Purpose**: Nigel's collaboration with Chase for his foundation shines a light on his broader goals.

- **Money Matters**: Post fame, how did Nigel adeptly manage his finances?

- **Into the World of BMX**: Tracing Nigel's entry into BMX and how television amplified his journey.

- **Passion Meets Profession**: The captivating tale of how Nigel transformed his love for BMX into a career.

- **Road to Professionalism**: Dive into the nuanced process of becoming a professional BMX athlete.

- **Paths to Pro Action Sports**: What does it really take to become a pro in action sports?

- **Master Content Creator**: Nigel's secrets to producing captivating BMX content on a grand scale.

- **Branding in BMX**: Learn from the master about securing brand collaborations in the BMX world.

- **A Cultural Beacon**: Beyond being an athlete, Nigel Sylvester is pioneering and reshaping BMX culture.

- **Pedal Revolution**: A look at the evolving bike culture and its undeniable impact.

- **Behind the 'Go' Series**: Nigel unravels the origin and inspiration of his popular "Go" video series.