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Rotimi on Power, 50 Cent, Real Estate, Skincare Business, African Roots, Music & Marriage

Join us in this exclusive interview with multi-talented artist, Rotimi. We delve into his fascinating life, discussing his experience working with 50 Cent on 'Power', his adoring wife, and his ventures in real estate. He opens up about his thriving music career and the unique challenges and rewards of being an independent artist.

From his roots in Africa to his father's prudent advice on financial responsibility, Rotimi's journey is both intriguing and inspiring. He talks about being mentored by Jamie Foxx, kickstarting his acting career, and his interactions with Jay-Z.

Rotimi also reveals his latest entrepreneurial venture - launching a skincare line. We touch on the priceless marketing lessons he learned from 50 Cent, the genius behind 'Power'. Don't miss out on this riveting conversation!