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Symba on Youth vs Elder Culture, Music Mastery, Michael Jordan Mishap, & Life-Changing Africa Trip

Join us for an exclusive interview with the multi-talented Symba! 🎙️ In this riveting conversation, Symba dives into a plethora of topics. From his collaborative family dynamics and his mom’s real estate ventures to the ways he spent his first $150,000 advance. 🎶 Discover Symba's thoughts on owning masters, the essence of becoming a legend, and his synergistic partnership with Atlantic Records. Gain insights into his musical inspirations, from Jay-Z to Kendrick Lamar, and his intriguing take on artificial intelligence.

Explore his experiences working with elders, the significance of Youth vs. Elder culture in hip-hop, and how opening his own studio became a reality. ✈️ Learn about Symba’s transformative journey to Africa, the evolution of his record label, and his savvy approach to social media. Plus, don't miss his perspective on Michael Jordan, the education on his greatness, and his journey through the music business.