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The Path to $100 Million: Restaurants, Hospitality, Night Life, Family, & Health with Larry Morrow

Join us as we dive deep into an enlightening conversation with Larry Morrow, a renowned figure in the restaurant and hospitality industry. In this candid interview, Larry discusses the importance of building a strong team, and shares wisdom gained from his mentors in the restaurant business.

He opens up about his early struggles and the invaluable lessons learned, which helped him successfully expand his restaurant portfolio. He also explores the stark differences between running clubs and restaurants and shares insider secrets about the restaurant business.

Highlighting his new Asian fusion restaurant, Larry gives us a glimpse into how this venture pays homage to his grandmother. We also delve into personal topics like his family life, his commitment to fitness, working alongside his mother, and dealing with 'survivor's remorse.'

From leasing versus buying locations to managing customer retention and thinking about selling a company, Larry provides a treasure trove of knowledge. He shares a fascinating story of Jay-Z buying a painting from one of his restaurants and his ambitious goal to reach a $100 million valuation.

We round off the conversation with Larry discussing the importance of helping others, the financial lessons he's learned, and how he strategically builds separate brands. Don't miss out on this compelling journey through Larry Morrow's life and career. Remember to like, share, and subscribe for more insightful conversations.