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They Built a Million-Dollar Podcast Empire Without Speaking! The Business of Serving Creators

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the essential tips for starting a successful podcast. Our guests share insights on why podcasters must be proactive to make money and whether the trend of starting new podcasts is on the decline.

We also explore how offering free services helped WTF Media Studios scale to the next level and disrupt the studio industry. Discover how they utilized brand partnerships to increase revenue and leverage their platform to create new opportunities.

Learn how WTF Media Studios made their first million in 2023, with their revenue doubling every year. We also cover the best equipment for podcasting and why businesses are investing big budgets into scripted podcasts.

Finally, understand the difference between corporate clients and consumers, and how this impacts podcast production and revenue strategies. Join us as we sit down with Alexx Media and Weezy to discuss their journey, the growth of WTF Media Studios, and the future of podcasting.