Earn Your Leisure

Unlocking Billionaire Business & Investment Secrets with Mike Novogratz, David Barry, & Mel Carter

In today's discussion:

- *Mike Novogratz* delves into the intricacies of AI investments and highlights the pivotal role of networking in building wealth.

- Discover the ins and outs of data center investments and grasp Mike's paramount investment advice.

- Journey through Mike's financial odyssey, from his first billion to his transition from traditional stocks to the world of crypto.

- *David Berry* unravels the unique attributes that made Peloton stand out in the fitness and tech market.

- *Mel Carter* sheds light on the seismic shifts caused by the AI revolution and reminisces about a memorable encounter at Mike Rubin's soiree.

- The episode also features in-depth conversations about the looming risks of AI, the art of generosity in business, discerning the right opportunities, and the allure of startup investments.

- We also spotlight industry behemoths like Microsoft & NVIDIA, examining their impressive market movements.

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