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Vic Mensa on the Laws of Branding, the Future of Africa, and Building a Cannabis Empire

Dive deep with Vic Mensa as he unravels his journey from selling weed to mastering the art of business. In this episode, learn about the 93 Boyz's groundbreaking moves in the cannabis industry, becoming Chicago's first Black-owned cannabis company with a dispensary. Discover the psychology behind the 93 Boyz brand and the marketing strategies that propel them forward.

Africa's potential shines brightly as Vic emphasizes its vast resources and the continent's promising future. He also highlights the success of his Black Star Festival in uniting Black Americans with the people of Ghana.

From discussing the power of publicity over advertisements to the laws of branding, Vic provides insights into the nuances of building a brand. Listen to his candid revelations about the artists that influenced him, the importance of giving back to the community, and the hurdles he overcame in Chicago.

For a holistic understanding of Vic Mensa's entrepreneurial spirit and his dedication to his roots, don't miss this episode. From branding to business, it's a masterclass in navigating the music and cannabis worlds.