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Why I Turned Down $1 Million Dollars. Advice for Entrepreneurs

Jabari Johnson’s story in business is legendary. He's the founder and owner of Colors-Worldwide which is the parent company of RNB Only. RnB Only is the premiere RnB musical experience in the world. It's a traveling show without singers. The show consists of a DJ and hype man, very similar to how EDM shows operate.

RnB Only is massively successful and has turned into a multi-million dollar booming business that has over 50 shows a year. The brand has grown so large that in a few weeks they will host their first-ever music festival with Ashanti and Queen Naija as the headliners.

Earlier this year Jabari went viral after he wrote an article explaining why he turned down $1 million dollars for an equity stake in his company from a venture capital firm.

It’s one thing to talk about independence but it’s another thing to be faced with a seven-figure check and have the courage to turn it down to remain independent. He sat down with us and told us why he turned the million dollars down, he also explained his business model, he talked about the importance of data mining, and he provided a road map for entrepreneurs to navigate the tricky world of venture capital.