Earn Your Leisure

Yo Gotti on Tax Lessons, 360 Deals, Hip-Hop CEOs, Business Failures, Investments, & Running a Label

In this exclusive sit-down with Yo Gotti, we dive deep into the multifaceted world of one of hip-hop's top CEOs. Gotti opens up about the challenges of running a label, his approach to artist management, time management, and some unexpected business failures. He reflects on the intricacies of 360 deals, the consequences of not paying taxes for half a decade, and the hurdles faced with his restaurant venture.

As a pioneering independent artist, Gotti shares insights on streaming, his collaboration with Jay Z on prison reform, his ambitious attempt to buy the Memphis Grizzlies, and becoming an owner of DC United. He also touches upon his investment in Faze Clan, partnership with Universal, and gives invaluable business advice. Plus, discover what Gotti really looks for in up-and-coming artists and his thoughts on the future impact of A.I. in the music industry. Don't miss out!